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Baobab Assisted Learning Centre is a day school for Special Needs and Remedial children aged 10-21


“ Learning with a Difference”


If your child is experiencing learning and developmental difficulties, we can help. Baobab Assisted Learning Centre is a small, home-based learning environment for high school children with special needs. A typical day at Baobab runs from 08:00 until 14:00.

During these hours we provide:

* An holistic and nurturing remedial high school that strives to understand the unique special needs of each child to support and enhance their development

* An environment that provides the basics and remediation of the fundamental blocks of learning

* A strong emphasis on the importance of learning and understanding life skills with the aim to increase self-confidence and self-worth

* Social development that helps each child find their personal niche in life

* Highly-trained, competent, and experienced staff who always put the needs of the children above all else.

* Fun and laughter combined with hard work, using the necessary tools to develop the children into well-rounded young adults

* 5 pupils per class for individualised and personalised attention

* The option for pupils to advance to Grade 10 and further to N1/2/3 where applicable

* An excellent co-curricular schedule that encourages mental and physical development



Head of Baobab Learner Centre: Mrs Barbara Hollmann

After many years of trying to find the right environment for my son Baobab Learner Centre has brought out his true potential in under 2 years. Supportive, inclusive individual support from wonderful teachers and fellow learners has allowed him to find himself and his talents. Camp, Taekwondo, cooking, art therapy and a caring environment have all come together in helping develop a healthy self-esteem in addition to education skills we were told would never be mastered.

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  • Speech Therapy
  • Drama Therapy
  • Taekwondo
  • Art
  • Cooking



  • Weekly Swimming at Linden Pool
  •  Annual Kamoka Bush Camp