At Baobab Learner Centre, we strive towards developing well-rounded individuals who display optimum growth and progress on a physical, intellectual, scholastic, emotional and social-interpersonal level.


We hope to achieve success through the collaboration of educators trained in learning support. Speech and hearing therapists, occupational therapists, physiotherapists and psychologists may be brought in at an extra cost to the parent. A holistic approach coupled with a nurturing environment, will enable and encourage all our learners to achieve to the best of their ability.

We place much emphasis on the basics and remediation of the fundamental building blocks of learning. Our classes will be small, thus we will be able to attend to the individual needs of the learners and apply a dynamic approach to encourage confidence in their own abilities. In an atmosphere of calm understanding and fair discipline, children will be encouraged to reason and problem-solve using a variety of teaching methods and learning strategies.

Art will be utilized to encourage the development of learners’ imagination, creativity, lateral, out-of-the-box thinking, as well as enhance personal strengths and artistic talents.

Specialised Educational Facility providing Learning Support

  • Any learners between the ages of 10-20 years of age who display a low average to low I.Q
  • Suffered from emotional or physical trauma
  • Unable to cope within a mainstream facility
  • Require individual attention/tutoring
  • Require vocational based education
  • Require a nurturing and supportive educational environment

We Offer

  • Annual trip to Kamoka Bush Camp
  • Weekly swimming sessions
  • Weekly Cooking/Hospitality Lessons
  • Art Therapy
  • Taekwon-do (self defence) twice a week
  • Computer Application Technology
  • Drama Therapy
  • Gr R – 8 school subjects
  • Horticulture – Growing of own veggies, herbs, ect.
  • Food value, healthy diet
  • Etiquette and manners maketh man
  • Life Skills Course
  • Manning the telephone
  • Running a small business
  • Home Finance

How can we help you?

Individualised Education Plan (IEP)

  • Holistic view of child
  • Release potential
  • Asset Based
  • Develop goals to make child functionally best he/she can be

Individualised Family Service Plan (IFSP)

  • Embodies all the criteria in the IEP, but does not view learner in isolation, but rather as someone who forms part of a family, in a community within South Africa, who looks outwards when considering goals.
  • Family empowered to be key decision makers.
  • Support family with child and establish what their hopes, dreams and desires are, and the outcome thereof.
  • Develop goals with families of older children, to help empower and guide them.
  • Regular re-evaluation of outcomes.

Admission Criteria

Children need to fit the following criteria to be considered for placement at Baobab Learner Centre:

  • 10 – 20 years of age.
  • Cognitive skills to be in accordance with the centre’s policy.
  • Specific learning/emotional difficulties need to be the child’s core problem.Parental involvement and support is essential.

Admission Procedure

  • An initial interview with the parents.
  • A scrutiny of psycho-educational assessment and other relevant reports. Child to be assessed by an educational psychologist.
  • If child is assessed as a potential pupil of Baobab Learner Centre, they will be asked to attend school for a trial period of 1 week, where the teacher can assess the child informally.
  • Teachers confer as to the suitability of the school for the child.
  • All students are responsible for registration with IMPAQ.